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Portrait Photography In Champaign, IL & Surrounding areas

About me

get to know me a little better



Hello! I'm Andy, the man behind AMT Photoworks.

I have been a photographer since  2016. At the beginning, I was not sure what I wanted to do in my life and worked many different jobs trying to find what made me the happiest. I fell in love with photography in 2016. I started out taking pictures of wildlife then worked my way into preschool portraits. At this point in my career, I am focusing on pets, portraits, couples, & wedding photography but still share the same love for family, landscape, and street photography.

Facts about myself

  • I have been a musician for  more than 20 years

  • I love hiking, scuba diving, and longboarding

  • I am a communications in photography major at parkland college

  • I will do just about anything for the shot
    (climb in trees, submerged in water, lay in mud, etc.)


  • I spend hours at my desk learning new editing techniques and perfecting my skills as a photographer

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