Never Drop Your Krown

About NDYK | Never Drop Your Krown

NDYK is a movement and a lifestyle. It is something that anyone can relate to. No matter who you are, we all suffer from pain and have the feeling like we are not good enough. Depression is real, peer pressure is real, lack of self love is real.

I want people to see NDYK as a symbol that no matter what you are going through, good or bad, you should never lose faith in yourself and never stop trying to achieve your goals. Life is hard and Chasing your dreams is even harder but that's what makes life so interesting. Be the king or queen of your story and hold your head up high and always remember to Never drop your krown.

The Man behind NDYK:

Donnell Ashford

My name is Donnell Ashford. I’m a 24 year old young entrepreneur and I'm from the South side of Chicago.

I made NDYK based off of my own pain. I went through a lot trying to figure out who I am today and I've had many mentors to help me along the way. Whenever I was going through a tough time and I felt defeated they would always tell me to pick up my crown and keep going. Life will always have challenges which you just have to keep strong and face them head on. I have always tried to live by those words and thats why the crown is a main part of my logo. Join me in helping spread the word and show people that they are in control of their own life.